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GVT's structure allows it to be flexible in its decision making and dynamic when reacting to marketing and research challenges. GVT’s board and operational structure is illustrated in the following diagram:

Executive Management

GVT’s Executive Management is from a variety of backgrounds, bringing not only an immense amount of expertise, but also a network of business relationships.  Such relationships are essential in partnering with key clients across GVT’s international markets.

Rod Wakefield - (Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary)
Rod was invited to join GVT as CEO in 2007, after his success as Managing Director of two Multi National Subsidiaries where he turned around under performing businesses that were sold at premium prices. His background includes State Manager, Honeywell Controls, Managing Director, Simplex Fire Alarms Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Board of Directors

Steve Crane - (Chairman)
Steve has worked in financial markets since 1970. He began his career at AMP and largely worked in the fund management area. In 1998, Steve joined BZW Australia. He was promoted to Managing Director - Financial Markets in 1995 and became Chief Executive in 1996. In 1998, when ABN AMRO acquired BZW Australia and New Zealand, Steve became Chief Executive and remained in this role until his retirement in June 2003. Steve holds a number of other positions, including:

  • Director, Australian Pipeline Limited (APA Group)
  • Director, Bank of Queensland(retired 22 Jan 2015)
  • Chariman, NIB Holdings Limited
  • Director, Transfield Services
  • Director, Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Michael Nesbitt - (Director)
For more than 31 years, Michael steered Marathon as its CEO to become one of Australia’s leading tyre distribution and service companies with turnover in excess of $100 million per annum. In June 2002 he retired from this position as CEO, but today remains an integral part of the company as Chairman and shareholder.

Fergus Herbert - (Director)
Fergus was CEO of GVT from 2000 to 30 June 2007. Prior to this he has had extensive sales and marketing experience having owned and run Australia ’s largest tourism publishing company for over 10 years (1987-1998). Fergus has considerable experience in fundraising and venture capital and also sits on the boards of a number of public unlisted companies.

Michael Kirby - (Director)
Michael is currently Chairman and Trustee/Director of the James N Kirby Foundation. 25 years with James N Kirby Pty Limited (Kirby Engineering) as a mechanical engineer and business manager. 11 years as an advisor and 2 years as Chairman of UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT, Industry Advisor Network (IAN). 6 years Director The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering - Sydney University. Director of Pildare Properties Pty Limited.

Anatole Kononewsky - (Director)
Anatole is the co-founder and was the chairman of GVT until his retirement at the end of 2004. Prior to becoming Chairman of GVT, he was Senior Research Officer with the Australian Institute of Criminology; Deputy Commissioner (Systems) Department of Finance; entrepreneur/director of ProMedia Limited (a 16 week Technology Transfer TV series to the USA ) and director/producer of 3 environmental and humanitarian video documentaries. At present he is also co-founder/director of another start-up company, Clean PowR Pty Limited, which is developing a novel clean technology for power generation of clean energy. This is in conjunction with his current role as Managing Directorof Earthsupport Technologies Pty Ltd, which has specialized in the incubation and development of innovative startup businesses to commercialisation over the last 14 years.

Egbert Buchler - (Director)
Egbert ("EG") was an early investor in GVT and worked tirelessly from 2001-2005 to drive the company forward. Prior to this he spent 15 years in 32 different countries within the international divisions of The Coca-Cola Company, managing various departments. During his last role as Operations Development Director he was accountable for driving the long-term strategic vision for their Korean operation covering Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Financial and E-Business.