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Global Valve Technology (GVT) is a Global Technology Company focussed on Fluid Dynamics and Flow Control. 

Millions of valves, water meters and other flow control products using our Patented Designs, are in use Worldwide.

We manufacture our own products at selected high precision manufacturing plants Globally.

Core to GVT’s Mission is the supply of Environmentally Sustainable Products for the benefit of all. Our Water Meters have up to 90% Lower Carbon Footprint, than comparable brass meter products.

Our Patented “UnLeaded” Water Meter exceeds all International Health requirements

Our Unleaded Water Meter, as the name suggests, contains absolutely No Lead, avoiding all of the associated health issues. GVT’s UnLeaded Meter, using our Patented Technology, exceeds all other health safety and performance criteria.

Mission Statement

GVT are dedicated to the use of our Patented Technology to provide a healthier, more environmentally sustainable product for the Water and Fluid Control Industry around the World.

Corporate Focus

Global Valve Technology’s goal is to meet clients’ and consumer needs, with heathier product that utilizes less energy both in manufacture and in operation.

In the process, provide a return on investment to our shareholders by ensuring client companies maintain growth into the future. To achieve this objective, we focus on research and development and commercialisation activities, across major global business segments: Industrial Valves, Water Meters and Water Valves.

Ask For a GVT UnLeaded Water Meter Today!

Please contact your water supply company and simply ask them to please replace your old, brass leaded meter with a new Lead free water meter. Often this will be at no cost.
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